Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Myspace Magic: Midnight Playground

Once again, NME-Europe returns to Liverpool for their latest MySpace Magic featured artist. Midnight Playground are a four piece with a deep sound and have started to make a name for themselves on the local scene. Here's what we were able to discover...

NME-Europe: Who are you and how did you come about?
MP: Hi I'm Martin (lead singer of Midnight Playround and guitarist). I met the other guitarist (Andrew) in secondary school and then we just started jamming and writing songs for a bit fun. But then we both thought 'these songs are too good to be just for fun' ;) so we decided to look around for new members to fill the line up. We asked a good friend of ours Chris (Bassist) to join then it was just the tree of us. We've been through a fair amount of drummers and changed our sound a lot and in the end we decided to ask a college friend of mine to play drums and he jumped at the oppurtunity. So, Midnight Playground were born!

NME-Europe: What's the reason behind your name?
To be honest I actually don't know where the name come from. Andrew is the one who named the band and we thought it sounded good so we stuck with it.

It is quite a smart name, I must admit.

NME-Europe: The dreaded question. Describe your sound!
MP: When we've played live a lot of people have described and compared our sound to the likes of Echo And The Bunnymen, Editors, White Lies, The Smiths, Joy Division, Talking Heads and just mainly that post punk vibe, which is great to be compared to. Personally, I think there are lots of different influences floating round because we all like different music and it just all comes together to produce what I think is a new creative sound.

NME-Europe: You haven't released anything yet. Is there anything in the pipeline?
MP: We are planning on releasing a 4 or 5 track e.p. Hopefully we will have something released in the summer maybe closer.

NME-Europe: What's your favourite album at the moment? Can you remember which particular band/album/track got you into music?
MP: Hmmm, my favourite album at the moment would be Mumford & Sons album because it's just epic! Either that or Paramore's new album but I'll just say Mumford & Sons to look cool!

In terms of initial music experiences, it was probably the likes of Luther Vandross, Sam Cooke and everything Motown because of my mum. But what started me playing guitar and actually writing music would have to be Bruce Springsteen, notably his 'Born To Run' album.

NME-Europe: Finally, what can we expect from Midnight Playground in the coming months?
MP: We hope in the next 12 months that we're still writing brilliant songs and hopefully be giging all over the UK and slowly building a fan base. It would also be nice to record a full album!

Well, there are a lot of objectives there to keep driving Midnight Playground on. I suggest you have a look at what they have to offer on their MySpace page.


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