Friday, 20 March 2009

Myspace Magic: Overspill Poets

The latest Myspace Magic band to be featured are particulary special. First of all we take a break from the Liverpool monopoly and secondly we are talking about group which, despite this being a new project, have a musical background to be envious of. There is not much more that I need to add, I can merely recommend you all read and learn. I leave you with the words of Overspill Poets:

NME-E: Who are you and how did you come about?
OP: I (George Kitching, Guitars) cut my musical teeth with Newcastle band Hug who were signed to Kitchenware in the early nineties; toured with New FADS, Fatima Mansions, Echo and the Bunnymen and Pavement; and who were hotly tipped by the NME, BBC's Radio 1 Evening Session and Mark Radcliffe.
Meanwhile across town, Overspill Poets vocalist Tim Taylor (who I just happened to share a flat with) was wooing late night drinkers at a bistro somewhere between St James Park and a Hare Krishna Temple with spirited reworkings of REM and Elvis Costello classics and full blooded assaults on The Beatles' back catalogue. When Hug's efforts to evade more gainful employment were finally crushed by the Gateshead DHSS and the Bistro went up market and dispensed with Mr Taylor's services, the two of us spent the next few years watching Auf Wiedersehen Pet videos before forming Overspill Poets to give full expression to our new vision of Brit Alt Country Road Music for Itinerant Beat Poets and Arm Chair drifters.

NME-E: What are your releases to date?

OP: Overspill Poets none, but we are close to finishing our debut album, 'Thompson Falls'. Hug released 3 EP's - Kaleid, Mesmerised and Firebrands and an album, Hummana on Kitchenware in the nineties.

I am fortunate to be in the possession of a demo version of this album and can honestly say it is a fine piece of musical art. Five of the tracks are on the their myspace page, the rest are equally as impressive.

NME-E: If you could choose a band/artist to support you, who would it be?
OP: Johnny Cash, but we'd have to master time travel first.

NME-E: What's your Current Favourite Album?
OP: 'When The Haar Rolls In' by James Yorkston and 'Acid Tongue' by Jenny Lewis.

NME-E: What Are Your Objectives/Prospects for next 12 months?
OP: Finish our debut album, 'Thompson Falls' in a way we're happy with and which holds some kind of truth for us. Release it and connect with people who respond to it. Feel a brief sense of achievement, get bored and throw ourselves into writing new material.

With the release scheduled for the Autumn, I seriously recommend you listen to what's available on the myspace page for now. NME-E is looking forward to offering a review of an album which is destined to be one of the highlights of the year.

Many thanks to George and the Overspill Poets for taking the time to offer show an interesting interview.

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