Sunday, 2 August 2009

Album Review: The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap: 'Conditions' (Glass Note)

1. Love Lost
2. Rest
3. Sweet Disposition
4. Down River
5. Soldier On
6. Fader
7. Fools
8. Resurrection
9. Science Of Fear
10. Drum Song

And as if by magic The Temper Trap appeared and what an entrance they have made. 'Conditions' is one of those debuts which leave you thinking 'wow!' and is, quite simply, a delicacy.

Possibly not since U2's 'The Joshua Tree' have an opening three tracks been so melodically gripping and surely even The Edge must think "why can't I write riffs like that anymore?" when 'Sweet Disposition' cranks it up. However, this Aussie combo don't run out of ideas there and the rest of the album is drags you through a series of conditions from euphoric - 'Sweet Disposition' - to despondent - 'Soldier On' - through moments of optimism - 'Love Lost' - and poignant realism - 'Fools'.

Dougal Mandagi's falsetto vocals are angelic, the melodies are exquisite and there's not much else to add - 'Conditions' speaks for itself.

NME-E's condition? Trapped by Tenderness.

NME-E rating: 9/10
Top Track: 'Sweet Disposition'

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