Thursday, 5 February 2009

NME-Europe Recommends: The Maybes?

This week, NME-Europe is honoured to return to Liverpool and feature one of its recommended bands, The Maybes?

Now I'd be a liar to say I'd been monitoring this quintet's movements for a long time because, quite frankly, I hadn't heard of them until my last visit to the 'Pool last August. It was whilst sampling the local musical talent during the Mathew Street Festival that I read local radio DJ Dave Monk's rave review of this bunch of indie rockers and it was on the basis of his qualified judgement that I picked up their debut album "Promise".

It was immediately obvious that Mr. Monks was talking sense and, indeed, one of their tracks 'Summer Time' made it into my Top 10 tracks of 2008.

Despite almost ruining any chance of an interview my mis-naming their album on requesting some comments from them (still feel stupid for that!), the lads - Nick Ellis, Lee Smith, Timo Tierney (all guitar and vocals), Nick Otaegui (Bass Guitar and Vocals) and Dominic Allen (Drums and Percussion) - kindly agreed to talk to me. Timo acted as spokesperson, here's what he had to say:

NME-E: Who are you and how did you come about?

TM?: We are The Maybes? and I'm Timo, who plays guitar. We all met in different ways; I knew Lee, Lee knew Dom and Nick knew Nick. We all went to Liverpool Community College so we all passed paths and formed a band.

NME-E: What are your releases to date?

TM?: "Stop, Look & Listen" (7"), "Olympia" (e.p.) and "Promise" (full album)

I have "Promise" and can categorically state that it's a worthy addition to any collection. The album is a perfect demostration of the band's energetic brand of power pop, with tracks such as 'Talk About You', 'Boys', 'Modern Love', 'The Come Around' and, particular favourite, 'Summer Time' producing the desired effect immediately.

NME-E: If you could choose a band to support you, who would it be?
TM?: Girls Aloud. They all lovely and look fun, very different to every other band around.

Ha ha! Now's that's an unexpected answer if ever there was one! Timo's particular idea of talent spotting comes to light here!

NME-E: What was your favourite album of 2008?

TM?: Probably "In Rainbows" by Radiohead, although I'm bored of it now.

Which other blog would dare mention Girls Aloud and Radiohead in the same line!

NME-E: What are your objectives or prospects for the next 12 months?
TM?: Make more time for all my mates and hopefully make another album that will be a lot better than "Promise". When I say better I mean stronger songs and better production and playing. Everything that we do has got to be better than the last thing we done.... move forward not backwards.

"Promise" has set a very high standard, but Timo et al certainly have the ambition and the quality to achieve their goal. If you haven't heard their stuff already, get a life and check out their myspace and once you've understood why people rave forget the credit crunch for a moment, do them a favour a fork out a few bob on their album - it'll be a shewd bit of business if you do.

A massive gracias to Timo and the crew. All the best for the future and look forward to reviewing your next album in the near future.