Wednesday, 24 December 2008

2008 (3): Top 10 Tracks of the Year

Having chosen my Top 10 albums, choosing the Top 10 songs seemed to be an easier task. WRONG! I went through the albums and heard the tracks and then started to remember some of the other more memorable songs I'd heard this year..... After some serious deliberation and a few beers, my final choice included 2 tracks from bands which didn't make my previous list.

Anyway, here we go again, the Top 10 tracks of 2008. Where a youtube link is available, you can check out the video clip by clicking on the song title. I've put all the songs on an MP3 player at the bottom.

10. The shock of the lightning - Oasis (Dig Out Your Soul)
The Gallaghers are not what they used to be, but every now and again they bring out a track which really rocks, one you can't help loving. Play it loud!

9. Summer time - The Maybes? (Promise)
Track from the debut album of this Liverpool band. I hope 2009 is their year. If you like it, get the album here.

8. Hey Hilary - Amsterdam (Arm In Arm)
A real grower from Mr. Prowse et al. Their ballads are incredible and this is another example.

7. Accelerate - R.E.M. (Accelerate)
A return to the very best R.E.M. sound. 3 and a half minutes of relentless guitars.

6. Please just take these photos from my hand - Snow Patrol (A Hundred Million Suns)
Another beautiful ballad from this group.

5. We are beautiful, we are doomed - Los Campesinos! (We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed)
The most indie of the tracks here. Their two albums this year have a really unique sound.

4. Sex on fire - Kings Of Leon (Only By The Night)
Not the best of albums by them, but the distinctive voice with the countryesque guitars is at its best here.

3. Postcards from Cataluyna - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. (Searching For The Hows And Whys)
Another unique vocalist. For the more melancholic moments.

2. Great DJ - The Ting Tings (We Started Nothing)
Surely the grooviest single of the year. One I would certainly dance to on a night out!

1. What took you so long? - The Courteeners (St. Jude)
My band of the year. Attitude, presence and, most importantly, great music - lyrics, vocals, guitars, drums, a complete track!

I probably could have done a Top 20, but I'm happy with these 10. As always, tell me what you think... Until then, this list is the best!

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