Thursday, 19 February 2009

Album Review: The View

The View: Which Bitch (1965 Records)

1. Typical Time
2. 5Rebbeccas
3. One Off Pretender
4. Unexpected
5. Temptation Dice
6. Glass Smash
7. Distant Doubloon
8. Jimmy's Crazy Conspiracy
9. Covers
10. Double Yellow Lines
11. Shock Horror
12. Realisation
13. Give Back The Sun
14. Gem Of A Bird

Scottish quartet, The View, released their second album recently. Here's nme-e's analysis...

If you're expecting a follow on from 'Hats Off To The Buskers', you're in for a big surprise. However, that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. One of my all time top bands, Blur, earned my respect by continually mixing things up and while the Dundonians haven't gone off at a tangent at least they've aimed at newer horizons.

Indeed, 'Which Bitch' would probably be in the running for most eclectic release of the year were such an award to exist.

Honky tonk opener, 'Typical Time', is blown out of the water by brass-tacks rocker '5Rebbeccas'. Rough and ready rock 'n' roll also blasts through 'Temptation Dice', 'Glass Smash' and 'Shock Horror'.

In between, there's time for a little experimentation: for a moment 'One Off Pretender' sounds like Fun Lovin' Criminals, albeit with the broadest Scottish accent since The Proclaimers. 'Distant Doubloon' is also off the wall. Moods and melancholy also spring into life on 'Unexpected' and 'Covers' (guest appearance from compatriot Paolo Nutini included).

As if that wasn't enough, 'Double Yellow Lines' and 'Give Back The Sun' almost seem to be on the album to assure us this really IS the same The View who gave us 'Same Jeans' just two years ago.

My conclusion? If you want a new album by The View, don't get this, but if you want to hear something fresh and original, buy 'Which Bitch' - it's by a new band called...

Top Track: '5Rebbeccas'
Rating: 8/10