Monday, 9 February 2009

Weekly Round Up (09 Feb 2009)

Hello and welcome to the latest batch of news....

Been a bit of a slack week for me, I'm afraid, so no review this week. However, with a series of releases to be listened to (including Lily Allen, The View and The Rifles) added to THE release of the year so far out next week - that's Morrissey in case you hadn't figured it out for yourselves - I promise to do better come next Monday.

Myspace Magic
Once more, several friend requests this week. Settle The Score surprisingly looked me up; if you're in to good old fashioned hardcore you'll love this bunch of Germans (but, why me?!). Another Italian band, The Lapsus, are right up my street and are definitely worth a look. Portuguese Rasaloba is strange in every sense of the word. Don't know how to even begin to classifly him (them?, it?). Finally, and perhaps most interestingly, we have It's a Buffalo, a quartet from Manchester who have recently supported The Courteeners and will release their debut album on 16 March. The Courteeners are championing their cause, so who are we to argue? I'm sure there'll be more to say about this lot in weeks to come. For now, check their myspace.

Elsewhere, featured bands Pipers and The Little Hydes have uploaded new tracks. 'Don't Ask For More' (acoustic version) will feature on the Italians' debut album to be released (hopefully) in the near future. Another melodramtic song to keep us satisfied until the LP is available. Have a listen here.

With 'Dockers Son', The Little Hydes take one more step to maturity . Having originally been taken aback by their upbeat sound and on stage presence, I now find myself drawn towards the accomplished sound of tracks like 'Firedancing' and now 'Dockers Son'. Check it out yourselves, here.

Finally, we have The Novocaines and 'Swing It Shake It'. If you like your music with a bit of balls, then you're gonna enjoy The Novocaines' sound. As Welsh as The Automatic and with something of a similar sound at times, Swing It Shake It rocks from start to finish.

Festival Fever
So, the wait is finally over. After a lot of messing about with clues and guessing games, the SOS 4.8 2009 organisers have confirmed for real a series of bands (whether this is definitive remains to be seen) for the festival which will take place in Murcia over the May Day bank holiday weekend.

I must admit I was getting a bit fed up with all these guessing games, but have been compensated with a line up which, in my opinon, surpasses last year's and takes the festival onto a higher level. There were even a couple of unexpected surprises (and not a Pet Shop Boy in sight!).

Needless to say there'll be plenty more about the festival on this page in weeks to come, but for now I can confirm the main acts who'll be in Murcia during the first weekend in May. I am particularly excited about The Wombats and Underworld, but the whole list is quite impressive:

1 May
The Prodigy
PJ Harvey & John Parish
Those Dancing Days
Los Planetas
Klaus & Kinski
Miki Puig
El Guincho
Boyz Noise

2 May

The Wombats
Matthew Herbert
Russian Red

More news next week. Check out a special on The Rackets in the next few days.



Juan Francisco Hernández said...

Hola Nick, gran cartel el del SOS 4.8, no se si el Consejero Cruz se estará gastando el presupuesto de Cultura para los próximos 20 años, pero de momento, habrá que disfrutar.
Por otro lado el miércoles pasado vi en el Auditorio a la banda escocesa Mogwai, aunque creo que fueron demasiados vatios para la sala. Eso sí los rasgueos de guitarra simplemente impresionantes.

Nick C said...

Hi Juanfra. Who cares what Mr. Cross is doing, carpe diem as they say! Just need to find a babysitter...

As for Mogwai, I heard the last few tracks woke everybody up!

All in all, Murcia going places, musically speaking at least.

Take it easy and thanks for the comment.