Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Myspace Magic: The Pin-Ups

Photo courtesy of The Pin-Ups

The latest MySpace Magic feature takes us about as far away from Liverpool as possible. This week we visit the Philippines to find out more about The Pin-Ups, a quartet whose clean-cut pop has definitely made a good impression at NME-Europe. They also seemed to take a liking to us "NME without the taint of corporate oppression? I like!", so it seemed only natural to find out a little more.

NME-Europe: NME-Europe had to check it's passport validity to get to you guys! Please let the readers know a little about The Pin-Ups.
PU:  We're from Manila. We've been signed to Know-It-All Records and Sutton Music Group in the U.S. and have also been included in a compilation under Manchester's Baby Boom Records. Mitch Singson and Raffy Bonifacio alternate on drums (depending on whoever is free!) Ryan Nachura plays lead guitar, Tanya Singh recently replaced Jennifer Tan on bass and vocals (she emigrated to the States) and Mondo (Castro) tries to sing.

NME-Europe: The Pin-Ups? A little vain, don't you think?! What's the reason behind that name?
PU: Well, we used to be called The Pin-Up Girls after Jennifer's Bettie Page T-Shirt. 

It seems logical that the 'girls' bit was dropped seeing as though the 'girls' account for only 25% of the line-up (although, many would argue that's enough!)

NME-Europe: What do you sound like?
PU: A lot of people have cited the 80s post-punk, 90s indie sound in our tunes. We love The Cure, Echo And The Bunnymen, The Smiths, Railway Children, Travis, Oasis, The Stone Roses, etc..

A fine pool of artists to draw influences from. There are currently nine tracks available on their MySpace player, so why not have a listen yourselves and see what you think?

NME-Europe: What are your releases to date?
PU: Well, there's Hello Pain (a full album), Taste Test EP, Taste Test: Expanded Menu, All Seats Are Taken and three other compilation albums (from Sony Music Philippines, Baby Boom Records and Jim Bean). We are currently recording an EP.

NME-Europe: How about The Pin-Ups live? Have you got any gigs lined up? And who would you YOU choose to support you, given the choice?
PU: We're playing at one of Manila's best 'holes-in-the-wall' - Route 196. If we were to choose a band, it'd be someone from Manila... either Valet Parking, Paranoid City or The Lowtechs!

NME-Europe: You talked about a lot of 80s and 90s influences, but what's your favourite album at the moment? Can you remember which particular band/album/track got you into music?
PU: Mondo's favourite album of all time is The Stone Roses' debut. My first album was Tears For Fears' 'The Hurting' and it had a profound effect on me.

Hmmm... non-committal on any current albums, then.

NME-Europe: Finally, what can expect to see from The Pin-Ups over the next 12 months or so?
PU: Well, we're playing with a new bassist so we need to get comfy there. There's also the new EP we mentioned, which will be mixed and mastered by Kramer, who's also worked with Galaxie 500 and Low to name a couple.

Seems like The Pin-Ups have a lot on their agenda right now. NME-Europe would like to wish them all the very best and thanks them for taking the time for talking to us. Popping out to see them live might not be an option for most, but a visit to their Myspace page is only a click away.


Photo courtesy of Eddie Boy Escudero

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