Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Myspace Magic: My Raining Stars

The latest NME-Europe featured band in the Myspace Magic section takes us to France for the first time. My Raining Stars are from Lyon, although nobody would bat an eyelid if they if they said they were from Manchester. Having been on the radar for some time, NME-Europe decided to find out a little more.

NME-Europe: Who are you and how did you come about?
MRS: We are from Lyon (France), we are Thierry, E-grand & Mathea. We "come from" The Smiths, Stone Roses, Housemartins, early Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub, Ride, Jesus & Mary Chain etc, Creation & Sarah records.... My Raining Stars was a personal project at the beginning, these are my songs, and my friends from Ex Dynamo (E-grand & Mathea) helped me to put an album out 'cause I just demoed my pop songs on a old K7 4-track for me. They thought some of my songs were good so they recorded and re-arranged them and mixed the album.

Seem like nice people, don't they?

NME-Europe: A band that's not 'The.....' Is there a reason behind your name?
MRS: 'My' from My Bloody Valentine, 'Raining' from Raining Stones by Ken Loach and 'Stars' from 'Star Sign' by Teenage Fanclub.

Logical. Bet you all knew that already

NME-Europe: The dreaded question... Describe your sound.
MRS: Indie Pop, sometimes jangly, sometimes distorted. We love guitar melodies, a lot!

That's plain for all to see (or rather, hear) on the 7 tracks currently available on My Raining Stars' Myspace profile.  - there's a clever combination of the most eloquent pop á la TFC with the more indie side of the likes of Ride or Primal Scream.

NME-Europe: What are your releases to date?
MRS: In early 2008 we released 'From St Saviour To Quickwell'

NME-Europe: If you could choose a band/artist to support, who would it be and why?
MRS: The Pains of Being Pure At Heart 'cause we have the same influences.

NME-Europe: What's your favourite album at the moment?
MRS: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart album and the Stone Roses first album!

NME-Europe: Tell us about your objectives/prospects for next 12 months
MRS: Write new top indie tunes (some are already written) and make a great indie poppy EP at the end of the year. And why not find a physical deal with a label???

Why not indeed. They could do a lot worse than choose a band like My Raining Stars.

NME-Europe: Anything else you'd like to add?
Thanks for your support. My friend E-grand (half MRS) will have his myspace profile soon, his own album will be out soon, check it, it's a Pop Masterpiece.

Thierry is a top bloke, here to talk about My Raining Stars and ends up thanking NME-Europe and promoting E-grand! The least we can do is give him and his Raining Stars a chance. Best wishes for 2010.

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