Sunday, 28 March 2010

Myspace Magic: BUZZRADIO

Photo courtesy of BUZZRADIO

This week's MySpace Magic feature takes us once more to Liverpool. NME-Europe has been aware of BUZZRADIO for some time now, making mention of their music as long ago as March 2009. There have been a few developments with the band lately, so we decided to formally introduce them to our readers. Here's what Jason (keyboards) had to say.

NME-Europe: So, things have changed a little since we first heard of BUZZRADIO. Can you bring us up to speed on what's been happening with Buzz Radio?
BR: Since we last featured on NME-Europe, a lot has happened and changed with BUZZRADIO. We now have a new line-up, which includes new incorporations Jev on lead guitar, Andy on bass guitar, and Joe M on drums. I remain as the keyboard player and Joe S is still the lead vocalist and guitarist.

NME-Europe: Will a change in line-up bring about a change in sound?
BR: In a way, the change in line-up will bring about a change in sound as they are better musicians than the previous line-up that we had, so if anything, I would refer to it as more of an improvement in sound. I wouldn't say that any two of our songs sound the same in any department, so I wouldn't exactly call it a change in sound in terms of our direction.

NME-Europe: What's on the agenda for the band at the moment? I believe you have some gigs lined up?
BR: That's right. We will be performing live on The Masque Stage of The Liverpool Barfly on Saturday, April 3rd, along with gigs at The Underground Live in Manchester on Saturday, May 29th and BadFormat! in Liverpool on Friday, June 4th, which is a gig which I am especially looking forward to, as there will be two special guest DJs, Paul Gallagher and Alan McGee who discovered Oasis!

We have also just confirmed two gigs at The International Pop Overthrow (IPO) Festival 2010, which will take place on Tuesday, May 25th at The Cavern Club (Main Stage) at 10:30PM and Bank Holiday Monday, May 31st at The Cavern Club (Front Stage) at 2:30PM. The IPO Festival showcases bands not just from Liverpool, but from around the world from such countries as America; Canada; France; Italy; Germany; Spain; Sweden; and more. You wouldn't necessarily get the opportunity to see such a wide variety of bands perform live otherwise, so I recommend a visit!

There are a few gigs which we are also in the final stages of confirming, so stay tuned for more details on them and our current gigs on our MySpace profile.

You can also see details on the NME-Europe gig calendar. 

NME-Europe: What about new material? Will we see a release this year?

Photo courtesy of BUZZRADIO
We have new songs in the set list, which I really can't wait for our fans to hear live at our upcoming gigs! The new set list is a mixture of the old and new, and as time goes by with our new line-up we will be able to establish a lengthy set list in the near future.

We have recently had two photo shoots, which both went extremely well, and the pictures can be found on our MySpace and Facebook. Our MySpace profile has a new look to it, which I would have to say thanks to Jev for working with me on it and his contributions, as we worked at it for four hours straight after we completed the second band photo shoot.

There is building work going on at the moment in the place we rehearse at, and it is to install a recording studio into one of the three rehearsal rooms, so this leaves the door open to there perhaps being a new release this year, and it certainly would be great to record an album with previously recorded and unrecorded material with the new line-up.

You can check out seven of our songs and an American radio ad on our MySpace page.

As a special favour to NME-Europe, Jason has sent over 7 tracks to be showcased directly on this page. I think most readers will enjoy this little playlist, a real Northern Brit-sound on show. Without further ado, may I please introduce you to BUZZRADIO, a hard-working band who are certainly going places.


Photo courtesy of BUZZRADIO

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