Friday, 24 April 2009

Album Review: Doves

Doves: Kingdom Of Rust (Astralwerks/Heavenly)

1. Jetstream
2. Kingdom Of Rust
3. The Outsiders
4. Winter Hill
5. 10.03
6. The Greatest Denier
7. Birds Flew Backwards
8. Spellbound
9. Compulsion
10. House Of Mirrors
11. Lifelines

A few weeks back NME-E hailed Starsailor as one of Britpop's most important bands. Another group who have also consolidated themsevlves as a leading light on the UK music scene are Doves, who have recently released their fourth album, 'Kingdom Of Rust' after a 4 year break.

Such a reputation was built on a base of melodious growers with some of the most hypnotic riffs of the modern age and despite the rest, this new installment has all the trademark nuances of the Doves' sound. It does not disappoint.

However a few hearts were no doubt in mouths as the opener, 'Jetstream', fired into life. Have Doves swapped melody for machine? Phew! A false alarm! Title track 'Kingdom Of Rust' sets our minds at ease, with a return to the classic Doves sound.

What is clear though is that 'Kingdom Of Rust' packs more of a punch than it's predecessors, whilst at the same time appearing a little brighter than previous releases - tracks like 'The Outsiders' or 'Winter Hill' are testament to this.

There is also time for the more introspectively inclined, namely on '10:03' and in particular 'Birds Flew Backwards', before we are sent packing with the rocky 'House Of Mirrors' and are fed a 'Lifeline' to a brighter future filled, hopefully with more albums like this.

Doves have kept us waiting, but it has been well worth it. Only a fool would miss this.

Top Track: 'Birds Flew Backwards'
Album Rating: 8/10

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