Thursday, 22 January 2009

Myspace Magic: Pipers

Having focused on two bands from the UK in the Myspace Magic crusade, the bronze medal winner sees us move to Continental Europe and, more precisely, to Naples in Italy. More famed for the Camorra than for its music, you might wonder how I stumbled upon these likely bambinos. The answer: Liverpool!

Coincidentially, I saw Pipers take the stage after The Little Hydes during the Mathew Street Festival. They had been selected from the Shockwaves competition and what a find they were. I really didn't know what to expect from this quartet and feared the worse when I saw what the lead guitarist looked like! However, the band proceeded to delight my ears with a short set of beautiful melodies and I soon found myself trying to find out where I could get their album (unfortunately, yet to be released).

A visit to their myspace and I was quickly enlightened. I decided to get in touch with them and they were kind enough to answer my questions. Here's what Pipers - Ste on vocals and acoustic guitar, Jube on electric guitars and backing vocals, Stefano B on bass and Angelo on drums and backing vocals - had to say:

NME-E: Who are you and how did you come about?
Pip: We're Pipers, an Italian band trying to sound as European as possibile. We love British music and we formed in early 2007. There are four of us and craft our indie pop on the likes of Travis, Turin Brakers, Starsailor, early Coldplay...

You can certainly see their influences in the music. The Spanish fans would also see the similarities with La Buena Vida.

NME-E: Tell us about your releases to date?
Pip: We're currently looking for a label as we just finished our first record. We do hope this will happen in the first part of this new year.

Checkout their sounds on their myspace page, my personal favourite is 'Under my skin', a melancholic sound which sticks in your mind.

NME-E: If you could choose a band to support you, who would it be?
Pip: Someone capable of bringing a big crowd as we need to spread our music and let people give us a listen.

An honest reply if ever there was one! Having supported the likes of Ian Brown and The Charlatans, they have a solid base on which to build.

NME-E: What was your favourite album of 2008?
Pip:'A hundred million suns' by Snow Patrol.

One of my Top 10 albums as well.

NME-E: What are your objectives and/or prospects for 2009?
Pip: To play outside our country as much as we can, maybe in Spain who knows. To find a label and/or management. To support some big acts across europe. To get the chance to do a new record as we already have new stuff, slighlty different from the songs we got on the first album.

Well, I'm trying my best to get them a spot in Murcia, but it's not an easy task. Shame really, as I think the Murcian public would like these guys. Won't give up trying just yet, though - they're worth the effort!

My sincerest thanks go to Ste, Jube, Stefano B and Angelo. Give them a chance and visit their myspace. Go on!