Monday, 26 January 2009

Weekly Round Up (26 Jan 2009)

Welcome to this week's review. Plenty to talk about now the year's in full swing. Let's start off with two album reviews, as promised from last week.

There will be two reviews this week, sweetly juxtaposing hype with who? Debutants, White Lies and magic Murcians, Second, will duly receive a write up in the next few days.

Myspace Magic
Myspace has been steaming this week with a host of new bands crossing my path and a load of tracks being uploaded. Here's a summary of what's been going on:

Back home, a new friend from this week, The Rackets, added 'It's All Looking Up' and 'In The Open'. They'll be in a featured article in the near future and deserve 5 minutes of your time.
Another new addition to my friends list, The Trestles (who I was fortunate to see at The Cavern last year), have also uploaded previews of a series of tracks ahead of their imminent EP release. 'Heavy Heart' is, perhaps, the pick of the bunch.
The final 'scouse' offering comes from We Make Models, who added 2 new tracks; 'Alcohol Kicks Live' and 'So Much'.
Further afield, indie clubbers, La Chansons (Atlanta, USA) uploaded a couple of new tracks including a remix of 'Brite Lite Brite I'm Waiting', while Hollywood based Glam rockers Rocket want us to check out new additions 'Gangsta' and 'Autopilot'.

And finally....
Liverpool have already been lucky twice this week - if it wasn't for Gerrard and Torres you'd be out of the cup by now, ha ha - but the icing on the cake is the announcement of The Courteeners gig in Liverpool (Carling Academy) on 7 March as part of their warm up for the US tour they'll be accompanying Morrissey on later in the Spring.

I'm not jealous though, I'll be enjoying Second in Murcia on the same night!

More news next week!