Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Album Review: White Lies

hite Lies : To Lose My Life (Polydor)

1. Death
2. To Lose My Life
3. A Place To Hide
4. Fifty On Our Foreheads
5. Unfinished Business
6. E.S.T
7. From The Stars
8. Farewell To The Fairground
9. Nothing To Give
10. The Price Of Love

Lauded by NME, amongst others, many have waited with baited breath for the release of White Lies debut album 'To Lose My Life'. This London trio have enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top since they released their first single, 'Unfinished Business' in 2008. Not even a year has passed since then and they now top the UK albums chart in the first week after the release of the full album.

So, should we believe the hype?

Well the answer, as far as I'm concerned is not really, no! OK, it's a good enough debut with a couple of obvious singles - 'Death' was already released back in October - and some dark enough tunes, but more than a 21st Century version of The Teardrop Explodes or Joy Division, they remind me of another The Bravery, which is not a problem, but certainly not a classic.

Top Track: 'Death'
Album Rating 7/10