Friday, 30 January 2009

Album Review: Second

- 'Fracciones De Un Segundo' (Warner)

1. Rincón Exquisito
2. Palabras
3. Rodamos
4. Conocerte
5. Nuevos Secretos
6. Todas Las Cosas
7. En El Viaje
8. Dicen
9. Para Bien O Para Mal
10. A Las 10
11. Más Suerte
12. Como Sería

The se
cond of this week's reviews looks at Murcia's finest export, Second, and their fourth studio album, 'Fracciones De Un Segundo' ('Fractions Of A Second'). This album is finely juxtaposed against White Lies (reviewed earlier), given that less hype would be difficult, which is a shame really because, in my opinion, this will be one of the best albums you're likely to hear this year.

Everything about Second is very 'Brit'; the look, the sound, the voice and in the previous three albums they even sang in English most of the time! This is the first totally Spanish album, but what doesn't change is the sublime combination of catchy pop songs and heart-searching ballads. The added expertise of producer, Carlos Jean, means this is Second's most complete album to date.

The opening 3 tracks give newcomers a taste of Second. 'Rincón Exquisito' ('Exquisite Corner') is indeed, an exquisite opener; 'Palabras' ('Words'), the first single to be taken from the album is pure pop and 'Rodamos' ('Rolling') has the beat and the balls to leave you wanting more. The rest of the album is of equally high quality, rounded off with the epic 'Más Suerte' ('Luckier'), surely one of the tracks of the year already.

Top Track: 'Rodamos'
Rating 9/10

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