Friday, 16 January 2009

Myspace Magic: Alexis Blue

The second Myspace Magic band to be featured take me right back to my roots. I've been living in Spain for 12 years now and soon got tired of trying to explain where The Wirral was. I quickly opted for the easy way out and started to tell people that I was from Liverpool, choosing to spend my time enlightening Spaniards about Everton instead!

However, maybe the time has come for me to start telling the truth, especially since the emergence of Alexis Blue from my real home town, Wallasey (I even went to the same school as them, albeit nearly 20 years earlier!). Indeed, if this indie foursome live up to expectations, many a scouser might start crossing the Mersey to jump on the band wagon in the near future.

The first thing that impressed me was the fact they actually asked ME to be their friends on myspace!! Still can't understand what possessed them to do that, but I'm really glad they did. Having accepted their kind offer, I had a look at their myspace page and was, naturally, taken aback. This group boasts an impressive list of artists they've supported and offer a free download of an accomplished debut album "Hypothetical Situations", on which tracks like 'You won't lose much sleep', 'Dyslexics of the world...untie!' or 'Alter ego' quickly stick in your mind.

Secondly, they were ever so obliging when I asked them to give me an interview. Here's what Andeh Stewart (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard), Mark Easton (Drums/Backing Vocals/Cowbell), Paul Easton (Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Chris Stewart (Bass/Backing Vocals) had to say about themselves:

NME-E: Who are you and how did you come about?
AB: We are Alexis Blue, a Merseyside/Wirral indie-pop-alt-rock 4 piece band who formed at the end of 2005 and released our first material in 2006. We are made up of 2 pairs of brothers (Andeh and Chris, Mark and Paul) and have just released our debut album "Hypothetical Situations". We have played and toured with the likes of The Wombats, The Kooks, Little Man Tate, Reverend & The Makers and Noah & The Whale over the past 24 months. We were recently interviewed and performed live on Channel 4 as part of the final for Road To V Festival 2008.

See what I mean about the bands they've supported? Not bad for a group out of Wallasey, I can tell you!

NME-E: Tell us about your releases to date?
AB: From 2006 we have released 2 EPs, a debut single in 2007 entitled 'You wont get much sleep' which sold out in the UK and Japan (the video was also shown on MTV, Liverpool BBC Big Screen and Virgin On Demand) and a debut album "Hypothetical Situations" in November 2008.

It's easy to see why the single sold out. Incredibly catchy, one to tap your foot to down at the pub.

NME-E: If you could choose a band to support you, who would it be?
AB: Parka. A great new band from Glasgow/London who have supported us and we have supported a few times. They play some fantastic upbeat ska-pop-indie music and it would be great to tour with them around the UK.

Given they could have chosen anyone, that's quite a humble gesture from the lads (and another band to check out!)

NME-E: What was your favourite album of 2008?
AB: A mix of albums, from Parka & Mystery Jets to Margot and The Nuclear So & So's & Laura Marling. 2008 has been a great year for the lesser known bands breaking through and good inspiration for the future.

I agree about the lesser bands having a good year and they should be given a chance - why listen to dross from the top dogs when there are bands like this around.

NME-E: What are your objectives/prospects for 2009?
AB: To release a new single and play more gigs in Europe. At the end of 2008 we played in Italy and hope to play abroad in more European countries as well as heading to America. Just continue on from what has been a successful year for the band. Signing a record deal would also be great haha.

I don't see the reason to laugh, moreover if you don't sign a deal that would be a motive for tears. As for the possibility of more European gigs, as stop off in Spain would definitely be appreciated.

I'm not a fan of the typical "sounds just like..." comparison, so I'll let you judge Alexis Blue for yourselves. What I can categorically state is that you won't regret it - there's something for everyone.

I like to thank Andeh, Paul, Mark and Chris for collaborating with nme-europe and wish them every success in the future. As usual, I request you visit their myspace and give them a chance to shine.


Alexis Blue said...

Thanks a load for including us on the blog. Great article and thanks for the kind words.

Fingers crossed we will be over Spain way soon.

Alexis Blue

Nick C said...

Thank YOU for your collaboration.

The words are kind because you derserve them. I don't kiss ass, I write what I feel.

All the best and ¡Viva Wallasey!