Thursday, 8 January 2009

Sidebar Modifications

I've made some minor modifications to the sidebar menu, in particular to the links sections to bands' webpages.

Having recently come "out of the Dark Ages" and dived into the world of Myspace, I've got in contact with a number of bands who I feel deserve a little more exposure. Myspace magic offers links to such groups.

At the moment, there are six featured artists; The Little Hydes, We Make Models, Metropolitans and Alexis Blue from the UK; Pipers from Italy and The Rocks from USA.

I seriously recommend a look at their myspace pages as there are some great undiscovered tracks in there. I've been fortunate enough to see The Little Hydes and Pipers live and look forward to taking a look at the rest soon.

From now on, I'll keep everyone posted with the developments of these bands and will make new additions as and when I discover them.

In addition, I've merged and extended the lists of other top bands in the NME-Europe recommends list, which offers links to all the bands I currently follow. If there are any you don't know, I suggest you take a look and see how good they are for yourselves. Again, I'm sure this list will grow with time.

In both cases, if you have any suggestions of your own, please let me know and I'll add them (provided they're not a load of crap, of course!).


Juan Francisco Hernández said...

Hola Nick, veo que tu blog sigue hacia delante y con muchas novedades. Seguiré atento a tus sugerencias e investigaré los grupos que aconsejas.
Aquí te dejo algunas bandas que sacaron álbum en el 2008 y me han gustado.
Los Punsetes, grupo español que hacen un pop fresco y con letras muy ácidas. Además en su web se puede descargar el disco gratuitamente.

Julio de la Rosa (El espectador). Cantautor rockero que por momentos parece Andrés Calamaro y con letras de poeta.

Extremoduro (La ley innata) Simplemente Extremoduro.

We are Standard. Grupo vasco que mezcla la música electrónica con el rock e incluso el punk. Para bailar.

Los Deltonos (Buenos tiempos) Algo más bluseros, pero en su línea de buen rock.

También me han sorprendido los Vampire Weekend, unión del reggae, el pop y los ¿Beach Boys?

Un abrazo brother.

Nick C said...

Thanks Brother.

It's nice to have some truly Spanish input here, keeping us up to date with good music in Southern Europe.

You know that I'm open to suggestions, so I'll have a look at your latest selection with interest.

Take it easy, mate.