Saturday, 20 December 2008

SOS 4.8 Festival 2009 Unveiled

Following last year's successful debut, the SOS 4.8 festival will take place in Murcia again over the bank holiday weekend in May (1st and 2nd), this time with a main sponsor, Estrella Levante (local brewery).

The 2008 event attracted more than 26.000 visiters and boasted some big name attractions which truly surprised most of us in Murcia at the time (Chemical Brothers, Kaiser Chiefs, James and more).

So far the only thing we know is that the festival incorporates artistic events spread across the year in addition to the 2 days of concerts (which should still be the main attraction) and that there will be an extra two stages with increased capacity. No groups have been mentioned as yet, but the organisers still think there will be 500 people NAÏVE enough to buy an advance ticket and save 10€ (29,99€ as opposed to the box office price of 40€).

After what I heard about the cancellation of the Rumble Strips concert, I recommend caution.

You may have read an earlier post of mine attempting to discover why The Strips had cancelled their gig scheduled for November 28 at the last minute. Someone who works at the Sala Audio (where the gig was due to be held) told me that the concert had never been confirmed or, at least, cancelled a long time ago. Strange, then, how the cancellation only appeared on the Sala Audio's webpage the Monday before the concert and that there were adverts for it in the local press and on local radio on the day of the gig!

Now call me cynical, but might it be that someone is "crying wolf" and can't keep their promises, especially now money is tight? I don't even know if I'll believe the line up it's finally announced. Time will tell..... Meanwhile, I'm saving my cash for Christmas!