Sunday, 16 November 2008

Road To Nowhere

Another music blog?

Yes. And?

The idea is to offer a forum for all things music and, in particular:

1. Establish a music link between my home country (England) and where I live now (Murcia, SE Spain).

2. Help keep myself up-to-date with the latest developments in the music world. (That's where YOUR thousands of comments will be useful!)

Oh yes, and it'll be in English, OK? Lo siento españoles, pero creo que podréis entender todo y, por si acaso, he metido un traductor de páginas que ayudará algo en momentos de crisis.

The first REAL post (and hopefully not the last) will appear soon.


eme said...


Nick C said...

Hello Eme.

Thanks for your comment. Saw your blog; Planetas, Deluxe, Second are Spanish bands I rate. In fact, Los Planetas are one of my all-time favourite bands (Toxicosmos is my top track).

The Kooks - excellent! May I recommend The Courteeners?

Please feel free to comment on here.



Juan Francisco Hernández said...

Hi Nick, ya veo que te decidiste a escribir tu primer post, aunque sea a modo de presentación. Para mí este blog también será una forma de conocer nuevas y viejas bandas de rock, sobre todo de aquellas que vienen desde Albión, aunque, como sabes, tengo tarea en casa.
Saludos y, por cierto, ¿cómo incluyes el calendario?

Nick C said...

Hey JuanFra.

I hope you enjoy this blog and can add your knowledge of your music too.

Babasonicos sound good for a start!

To put the calendar on your Blog I think (!) you need to:
1. Add a HTML gadget to your blog layout.
2. Go to your gmail account and set up a Google Calendar which is public.
3. In the configuracion option for that calendar, go to the incrustar option and choose personalizar so you can play around with the size and make it fit in the space you have for it (I reduced it from 800x600 to 200x200, but it will depend on your template I suppose.
4. Click on update HTML and then copy and paste the code into your html gadget.

As I say, I THINK that's how I did it! I played around for a while, but in the end I did it! (And if I can, anyone can).

How's the juego de pies?

Juan Francisco Hernández said...

También logré ponerlo, ahora hay que darle uso.
Muchas gracias